The Inside Scoop

Technology and the human touch operate together in a unique partnership in the CMI system. Whether cutting edge or classically dependable, CMI respects the contribution that technology makes to delivering a project on time and on budget. However, the heartbeat of CMI can be found in the diligent individuals that have earned the company its well-deserved reputation for excellence.

One of the core values in CMI’s business philosophy is teamwork. Our strength as a design build contractor is a testimony to the collaboration of engineering and union tradesmen within CMI. A project that is completed on time and on budget with the highest quality materials and workmanship can only be done with collaborative teamwork.

Company Philosophy

Our way of doing first-rate business is to take a proactive approach on each project, giving up-front pricing and working as a team with other trades involved in the design and construction process. Coupled with CMI’s innovative designs, custom fabrication and professional installation, this means maximum occupant comfort at minimum operating costs, ensuring that the owner’s goals and budgets for the mechanical systems are consistently met.

Engineering Corps

Recruiting the best graduates takes time and a good reputation. As a continuously growing company, CMI adds to its ranks every year from the top engineering schools in the country. Our numbers include alumnae from Stanford University, UCLA, California Polytechnic State University, UC Berkeley and more.

However, their education does not stop there. Of the 50 engineers designing HVAC and Plumbing systems for CMI, over 20 are registered Professional Engineers and over 15 are LEED Accredited Professionals. Each year our engineers attend seminars to further their knowledge of the ever-developing industry. All engineers are equipped with the latest computer technology for Title 24 calculations, cooling duct calculations and computer-aided design (CAD) in order to offer our customers innovative design solutions. We take pride in training our newest engineers into Project Managers.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

To supplement the design capabilities of our engineers, we have dedicated CAD personnel who create and modify plans and details as requested by the designers. These men and women keep the engineers supplied with up-to-date drawings and coordinate with other companies on the project to merge the latest changes into the official plans.


It is our company standard to perform 3D and Building Information Modeling (BIM) on all our complex projects using AutoCAD. Our expert detailers accelerate the project schedule by performing collision checks with NavisWorks allowing all trades to view problem spots in the plans before installation. In addition, the detailers can download the drawings directly to cut and spool sheets in order to automate the fabrication, ultimately increasing quality and efficiency in the prefabrication process.

The Shop

CMI is committed to prefabricating as much as possible, resulting in our status as the largest employer of sheet metal workers in Northern California. We have a large, fully automated sheet metal and piping fabrication shop run by a skilled and qualified union workforce, allowing us to meet schedule demands in any labor market.

Teamwork plays a role in this environment as well with the senior journeymen teaching the apprentices the tools of the trade. Our team continuity year by year ensures that the quality of our products never falls short.

The Warehouse

In addition to storing all the equipment necessary for our projects the warehouse, part of our 200,000 sq. ft. facility, has the capacity to house thousands of parts enabling immediate turn-around on most requests.


Our full crew of transportation professionals shuttle ductwork and parts from the CMI warehouse and shop to projects all over Northern California. Partnered with the capacity of the warehouse, their assistance makes it possible to phase materials to jobsites to avoid clutter and confusion. They also lend a hand wherever necessary, ensuring that there are always enough hands to get the job done