Sustainable Design

In the built environment, green design demands energy-efficient and sustainable systems. CMI is answering the call: with many LEED-Accredited Professionals, we have extensive experience designing and contracting LEED-certified projects. Our engineers know the ins and outs of environmental design and are adept at bringing creative solutions to the environmental challenges of mechanical systems.

Whether in a design or consulting role, we can analyze any system to identify potential LEED points in Indoor Environmental Quality, Energy and Environment, Commissioning and Verification and other relevant areas. In a cost-benefit analysis we can identify any potential premiums and outline the benefits associated with each measure so the owner can make informed decisions. We implement those chosen measures in the design, construction and verification, and we prepare the documentation required for LEED submission.

From consultation to design, fabrication and document submission, we are committed to guiding our clients' sustainable systems through every step of the process. We share a common goal: to make every project as energy efficient and sustainable as possible.