Technology is rapidly pushing the boundaries of collaborative design. At CMI, we've embraced this change with full force, integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) into all of our most complex projects, including labs and hospitals. Traditionally, collision checks are slow and laborious. But by merging our CadDuct 3D designs with the designs of other trades using NavisWorks software, they are quicker, more thorough and altogether more efficient.

We're increasing efficiency at every step. During production, the drawings can be downloaded directly into cut sheets and spool sheets to automate fabrication, increasing efficiency and productivity in prefabrication. Coordinating drawings through BIM ensures fewer building conflicts and a limiting of interruptions in the field. Together, these processes help shorten field installation time and accelerate the project schedule.

Minimizing errors. Maximizing efficiency. Streamlining the process from beginning to end. That's how we do business.